Thursday, March 16, 2006

Are you responsible for climate change?

(Pictures taken from BBC website)

Climate change is not a new topic any more now and in fact has become a worldwide problem since late 20th century and caused mostly by human activities (such as deforestation, heavy fossil fuel use and population growth). Isn't it time for us to act?

One way to do this maybe is simply by "donating" some free space in your computer to run a model to predict the impact of the climate change in the future!

You might already have seen the programme in BBC Two on 14th March 2006 (if you do, stop reading this and quickly download the experiment!), which underlining the great thought of carrying out the largest climate experiment to work out what will actually happen to the Earth's climate in the next 50 years, which can be done by making use of about one thousand free computer power.

More of it and other BBC programme in regards of climate change can be found here.