Thursday, November 30, 2006

Feeling "Frustrated"

Yes, not a good blog entry indeed! So, if you are not in a mood to hear 
grumble please turn away .............. "now"! :)

It just amazes me that no matter how hard you tried to make sure 
everything went smoothly on the D-Day, things will always jump up 
in front of you and mess things up!

Just like other semesters for the past two years, I have been doing 
teaching for the dept and instead of having the same record for every
semesters, a new record has to be made every semester and so imagine
how "banana" I'd get when I always managed to receive late payment
for the first two months on the past two years here just because somewhere
on the line my contracts has been sitting remorsely on someone's in line tray
- waiting to be picked up for ages.

This year is no exception either. After learning from numerous occasion,
I had make sure and reminded everyone fortnightly to make sure that 
everything went fine. 
I have been assured that everything went fine..

To my horror at the end of the month, again, no wages.
Complaining here and there has resulted in me running an errand in the
morning chasing people up.

Being totally frustrated already about the whole thing, I decided to go for swimming at lunch time to release the tension and never 
in my life, I had been greeted with the shock of my towel gone missing! 
A good 20 minutes search for it is a total no luck either!

It forces me to draw one vital conclusion: 

It is totally a bad luck day for me. Maybe I should just lock myself up in my flat
and not buying lottery today.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Feeling "Philosophic"

In the recent two years I have learned that:

1. No matter how hard you try to stay away from office politic, 
you WILL always get dragged into one. 

So, just accept and live with it!

2. It is NOT normal to reply to email too fast! (*cheeky grin*)

3. It IS, however, normal to only check your email ONCE a day
 this is to avoid getting into office politics.
(I have problem on sticking to these principles, though).

4. No matter how hard I tried, I will always be mistaken as first year undergraduate students every new academic term and that 90% of time am buying booze, I need to have ID on my hand!

5. Cycling doesn't have to be only during good weather.

6. I have even find a comfort in cycling during wet weather.

7. It is the sense of freedom and thinking green that drive me to cycling.
(and the ludicrous increase of local bus fares, obviously)

8. I have made more new friends than I ever did before
(from teaching, doing my research, doing charities, getting back into cycling)  and tends to value all my friends and stay in touch with all of them. 

9.I also have learned that no matter what I do, 
my office desk will always be in "chaotic" state!

10. That having Nintendo DS has keep me sane for the past two years! ;P

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thinking Green

And so I decided to get a bike..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The importance of TV and World Cup

How "convenience-ly" done!

My TV aerial decided to kill itself right when it's World Cup time!

*twiddling my fingers on the table*

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Are you responsible for climate change?

(Pictures taken from BBC website)

Climate change is not a new topic any more now and in fact has become a worldwide problem since late 20th century and caused mostly by human activities (such as deforestation, heavy fossil fuel use and population growth). Isn't it time for us to act?

One way to do this maybe is simply by "donating" some free space in your computer to run a model to predict the impact of the climate change in the future!

You might already have seen the programme in BBC Two on 14th March 2006 (if you do, stop reading this and quickly download the experiment!), which underlining the great thought of carrying out the largest climate experiment to work out what will actually happen to the Earth's climate in the next 50 years, which can be done by making use of about one thousand free computer power.

More of it and other BBC programme in regards of climate change can be found here.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Back to Normality

Yes, one of my New Year resolution is:

" to be able to find anything I needed on my desk in five seconds rather than five hours"

And, YES, I know it still doesn't look that tidy either, but at least I'd started somewhere. If you care to compare it with my previous post.

Happy Chinese New Year 2006 - Year of Dog

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.
May good health, happiness, success and prosperity filled the New Year.

Monday, January 23, 2006

New Year New You

Sorry (as usual) for the lack of posting. I am still "living in denial" and try to "hybernate" for some time from blogging and wishing that time just stop on 31st December 2005 and let me catch up with my breath and not being greeted in 2006 with lots of un-finished business!

It seems that being greeted by my supervisor in the beginning of 2006 with the expectations to produce a substantial report by the beginning of February has "whipped" my arse so badly that I need to drop everything I had planned beforehand and live like a hermit for the time being.