Thursday, October 26, 2006

Feeling "Philosophic"

In the recent two years I have learned that:

1. No matter how hard you try to stay away from office politic, 
you WILL always get dragged into one. 

So, just accept and live with it!

2. It is NOT normal to reply to email too fast! (*cheeky grin*)

3. It IS, however, normal to only check your email ONCE a day
 this is to avoid getting into office politics.
(I have problem on sticking to these principles, though).

4. No matter how hard I tried, I will always be mistaken as first year undergraduate students every new academic term and that 90% of time am buying booze, I need to have ID on my hand!

5. Cycling doesn't have to be only during good weather.

6. I have even find a comfort in cycling during wet weather.

7. It is the sense of freedom and thinking green that drive me to cycling.
(and the ludicrous increase of local bus fares, obviously)

8. I have made more new friends than I ever did before
(from teaching, doing my research, doing charities, getting back into cycling)  and tends to value all my friends and stay in touch with all of them. 

9.I also have learned that no matter what I do, 
my office desk will always be in "chaotic" state!

10. That having Nintendo DS has keep me sane for the past two years! ;P


monyet jangkung said...

I wish I could spell "philosophic"!!

Aha, the game of office politics; I only share an office with about 30 others so obviously there isn't ever any politics there.... (and all my colleagues are about a million years old!). Just be yourself and rise above it all. If it gets on your nerves just go out for a coffee; hmmmm, must try that tactic myself ;)

Keep smiling as life's too short for anything else.

And all that praise for winter cycling? Obviously you're hoping to take up modelling "Crud Catcher" mudguards for a living? :) Incidently, I made myself a mudguard when I was a poor student at school which was named "shit stopper"!

Keep smiling :)

c0y0t3 said...

Monyet Gila! Can't believe that you actually dropped me a line here! :)

In regards of the office politics: I will be jittering the whole day if I try ur coffee tactic, cos it won't just be "a" coffee that I needed! ;)

Modelling for Crud Catcher? LOL! That will just be the beginning, mate! hopefully I will be able to "model" for Kona Kula Primo someday! :)I know that won't be bloody soon!

NB: U can tell me the "construction" of your shit stopper! It might work better and I might need it for SouthDowns someday! I bet "handmade" is higher quality than a mass produced item!

monyet jangkung said...

Perhaps you need a new top 10...

1. Involve yourself in the office politics but twist your responses to make the shit stirrers realise how petty they actually are (takes guts and quick thinking - and i find a big mouth helps).

2. Keep the inbox down to a minimum and reply as quickly as possible. Set up "rules" to send the persisitant uni-info spammers straight to deleted items ;)

3. Do check your email regularly (mine is on all day). Respond verbally if you want to have a go at someone as then the person has little evidence hehehe!!! (refers back to big mouth comment)

4. Come on Jen, enough kidding - you don't look a year under 40 ;)

5. Cycling can be done in any weather, but beware of the wet back...

6. You can find comfort cycling in any weather as it is a time of solitude without people pestering you!

7. Sorry, bus fares have come down this week. But I take offence at sitting next to sniffing, coffing, smelly people & those with loud walkmen, ipods or whatever!

8. Friends are important. Make the effort to keep in touch with all of them.

9. Not everyone's desk is a fire hazard ;) But perhaps it shows a high workload, or perhaps someone who is hates filing - who knows?

10. I don't even know what a Nintendo DS is - I guess it's a competitor to the sega mega drive? ;) A beer or two down the pub keeps me sane (just!).

Maybe I'll publish the "shit stopper" design sometime. It's totally built from everyday junk!

c0y0t3 said...

LOL! Thanks Tony! That's definitely very helpful! Accept one thing that due to "chinese gene" am still only can be happy with Nintendo DS and not a pint or two of drinks! U know me and my tolerance with alcohol! LOL!