Monday, November 07, 2005

Lewes Bonfire night 2005

Despite everyone warning us that it will be packed with people (the police we were talking to said it's about 80,000 people expected on that day), me and Jon (with him grumbling the entire queue) decided to give it a go and braced ourselves by joining the queue of the pack crowds waiting for train from Brighton Station to Lewes at 6pm (Jon should have the pix up soon). Don't ask me why, but we manage to stand patiently for another half an hour to 45 minutes (with two evil glances I'd made to two very thick face people who leaped across the queue barrier and jumping the queue)! Not because of the trains that were running late, but basically because the train(s) trying to cope in huge number of people trying to get to Lewes. We need to wait for the third train to arrive before we were being able to be "transported" up to Lewes.

The parades were already on when we reached there but I can't say I enjoy it much since we arrived quite late and we were basically at the back of the crowds on the pavement. All I can see was this huge man's derriere! Despite me hopping up and down praying to catch a glimpse of the parade, I believed no one even actually noticed I was there! I literally need to get a "repeat" coverage by Jon who conveniently taking pictures using my cameras and show me the parade pictures through the viewing screen! How sad!! *grumble grumble*

The fireworks was amazing! Despite Jon saying that although he enjoyed it, it's still not the best he saw so far! *Yeah right*! However, for a person like me who never seen any fireworks in my life until 7 years ago, am quite amased by it!

We finished at about 12ish and the queue to get back to Brighton was even worse than when we were up to Lewes. Apparently, we managed to get back at about 1.30am the following day.

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