Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Oh Dear, been really busy with write up has left me living like a hermit without the sense of time, day or night..

Not having to enjoy the sunshine for a long time has left me looking like this at the moment:

I think it's about time I step out for a bit, enjoy the sunshine so that I will look like this:

Summer, here I come!


Jon said...


Tony said...


more or less describes things at the moment - perhaps not enough emphasis on the pub which has featured in all of the other activities!!!

c0y0t3 said...

Yes, Jon, just when I said "summer", I have been greeted with rain on the way home! Never say the word. it's jinx!

Tony: at least u have house to "play" with! :)and a pub?well..I can only survive two pints per night,that's pathetic! :( Hehe!

Tony said...

Practice makes perfect.... drink more often (every night is about right) and your tolorence soon increases....but your bank balance decreases too - this is disproportionate if you have late night cravings for kababs or curry ;)

c0y0t3 said...

LOL! Yeah, that's what I've been doing for the past 9 years! Practicising! and yet nothing change! I just have to come into terms with it and realise that am quite "cheap"! heh!

Past "experiment" that I carried out with my friends has suggests that you have to drink till you are so wasted that you stumbled your way home and straight to bed without the chance to go craving! ROFL! That will therefore prevent the disproportionate "balance". But then again, taxi ride will actually effect the "balance" unless you managed to lure everyone to go to a pub just next door to your house! :)

Oh well, ces't la vie!, At least that means I can save my money for my next dream bike! ;P