Friday, October 07, 2005

The Crowds are back!

After spending such an "eerie" and quiet summer in the University, it's kind of weird to see students coming back now as the autumn term has started this week. You don't even have to see a calendar to know when the new term has started. When you seem to hear additional amount of drunken singers outside your flat two to three in the morning, you know that term has started!

I wonder whether I've been shrinking this past few years, as every year I've been mistaken as a new student. This new term is no exception. Never been proud of being a petite, I was trying to walk past a huge crowd of students on the pavement leading to the university when a student representative told me firmly to "stick to my group!".

It was quite a real entertainment seeing her face gone red when my second year student joined me from the other direction and ask me whether am going to give tutorial for second year this term.

"Yes, I will, if I am allowed to break away from my group!"I said with an evil grin.

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