Friday, October 14, 2005

Guys and Dolls - The Musical

An excellent play, indeed. Starring Ewan McGregor, Jane Krakowski, Douglas Hodge, and Jenna Russell.

We were just trying our luck when we strolled along in Leicester Square on Friday afternoon after a horrible and boring pointless half day was wasted in French Consulate Embassy to get my visa done. After visiting four ticket offices asking about the availability of the Guys and Dolls play (all the Stalls seats were fully booked up till 4th December 2005, not a surprise considering Ewan McGregor is the one starring for the play), we ended up on the fifth ticket office, and definitely didn't see it coming when the friendly ticket seller told us that there were two last Stall seats available for the show that night- starting in two more hours!

Call me impulsive, but me and Jon had been in dilemma since months ago contemplating whether we should watch the play and therefore without a second thought had accepted the excellent opportunity for having been able to watch the play that night!

Yes, am glad that we decided to watch the play that night, as it is an excellent play indeed. My favourite numbers have to be the Luck be a lady (Ewan-as charming as ever- hasn't lost his singing touch, however, he did looked slightly worn out) and Marry the man today (sang beautifully and hypnotically with the duet of Jenna Russel and Jane Krakowski). The orchestra, had also served their best throughout the play!

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the cast (ok, Ewan McGregor, in particular), we waited till about midnight at the stage doors, however, to no avail. He must be running away from another exit or something, can't really blame him. On the other hand, we managed to get the autograph of Jenna Russell, a very down to earth and friendly Sarah Brown.

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