Saturday, June 04, 2005

the story of my new monitor - update

Now, maybe I had been punished more for complaining.. anyway, on our way to the post office (last another half an hour, cos the only one that has parcelforce is located in the town centre), Jon had came up with a bizarre idea that it might not be any problem with the monitor and that it might probably be something to do with my graphic card (one thing that I tried to let him know in the first place, but he kept refusing to believe!) anyway, we were then in a 'battle' whether to send it over to amazon or not and thinking that if it is actually something to do with our graphic cards, there is no way we can get back our money we spent for sending it back to amazon!

So, we decided to go back to my flat (leaving other people in the post office looking confused to both of us, they might be thinking what are we two weirdos doing in the corner of the post office seriously discussing something for about 15minutes and than flee out again!), and walk to my office to download the most up to date software for my graphic card!, went home, use my old monitor to upload it, finish installing, then swap back to the 'troubled' monitor. and YES! we made it! it works!!!! and YES! we also did burn calories!!! 'what a day'!..*deep sigh*

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vito said...

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