Friday, June 24, 2005

An update

For anyone that were left puzzled on what's going on after my last post about the proposal thesis outline writer's block.....well, am glad to say that am still breathing! :) Three days of fast-drumming heartbeat really have put me on the top adrenaline and all the energy I've got left for the thesis proposal presentation! Allow me to say... PhD experience does exhaust me a lot and with the 'mood swing' changes every second (instead of 'monthly' or weekly) it does actually even worse than the infamous PMS! My life expectancy has been reduced by ten years now...

On the other hand, had decided to run away to London to 'keep my feet on the ground' and after all, it's Wimbledon (we decided to queue overnight for the Saturday's match) and summer sale!!! Really need to get some stuff for the new flat! (one more week to go!!!!)

Have a good day, everyone!

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