Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Blast

Four explosions confirmed had taken place in London today - three in the tubes, one in number 30 bus- (between Edgware Road and liverpool street tube stations, between russel square and king's cross tube stations, at Edgware road station, on bus at Tavistock Square). All public transport has been put to halt and mobile phone network (especially one located in London) might be clogged up as emergency purposes has been prioritised. Stay alert, tune in to radios and TV, but don't panic .

Source: BBC NEWS/ In Pictures/ London Blast

For a full update, please refer to:

An update:

15.26pm, News Conference by London Metropolitan Police state that 4 explosions across London central with more than 33 fatalities had occured today.

emergency hotline number for the London blast: +(44) (0) 870 1566 344

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