Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why Tube Relief 2005?

We know the reason for Tube Relief 2005: (as stated in Geoff's website)

i) Charity. People often do this and raise a few pounds & pennies. This time everyone gets sponsored in aid of the bomb relief charity and we really go for it. Let's get thousands of pounds this time.

ii) Defiance. Solidarity. Togetherness. We are not afraid, and we well get back on the tube - the whole tube - and prove that we are more than happy to ride it. We will do the thing that we do best - ride around the tube system.

On Thursday 7th July 2005, at least 50 people died in the worst terrorist attack ever to happen in London. As well as the dead, there are horrific injuries and people who will be mentally scarred and unable to travel on London public transport system (tube and buses) ever again. For those that have no other means of transport, they had no choice but to travel by public transport but accompanied by fear !

Personally, as a person that working in the Built Environment area and concentrating specifically at sustainability, this matter really tore my heart apart..

Some people almost forgotten on how useful and sustainable public transport is, those whom especially always had a bad principal of using their private cars just to go to a convenience store that located few metres away from their house (those in America, especially, with their 4X4!). Public transports are there for a reason! It helps in reducing Carbon Emissions (especially now when the world is force to do something to reduce all type of pollutions due to climate change).

In this post, I would like to take the opportunity to say how I envy London public transport for giving a positive example, not only to other cities in England (such as Brighton), but also other countries where public transport wasn't really put into practice yet (such as Indonesia).

Supporting Tube Relief 2005 will help us in putting the broken pieces back and giving people their confidence back in using public transport that will help in minimising the environmental impact!

Your donation, no matter how small (or big), will help tremendously. We need your support. To donate online, please visit us on:

Support Tube Relief 2005, Support our environment.

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