Wednesday, August 03, 2005

'One man fight'

What a strict bureaucracy we have in Brighton University. This post is about my 'fight' in just having an upright piano transferred from Falmer Campus to Moulsecoomb campus (3 miles journey that can be completed in less than 15 minutes but last a total 24hours in paperworks and emails pleading for transfer cost and a little more for maintenance).

It's all started yesterday when I received an email in my office mailbox from Estate and Facilities Management that three upright pianos are free for university use. Having always been very keen to have one to practice myself, I thought it's an excellent opportunity to raise this matter and voice my keenest to have one transferred to Moulsecoomb campus. To my surprise I had discovered a long and winding road to a strict bureaucracy they have in my university. Having agreed to confirm myself that the mentioned piano will be use for university use, I found myself standing alone in a middle of empty field where no one in any University of Brighton's department able to help me with the cost to transfer the piano (£50.00 +17.5% VAT) and a small cost to maintain it. Having spoken to my Head of School of the Environment, he (as much as he wanted to help) unfortunately could not justify how School of the Environment will be able to pay for it as the piano will not be used as 'academic' purposes. Having thought of contacting the Sports and Recreation Department, I had also came up with a dead end as they (again, unfortunately) raised the problem that they have no say in regards of this matter and therefore it's not under their budget to support my pure innocent idea. I appreciate their help so much as to safe me from running around to each department and house pleading them to pay a small amount to transport it to Moulsecoomb campus, the sports and recreation department sent my plea to choir and chaplaincy department, oh well, to no avail..

Guess that I will still be left to where I had started. Still no piano in Moulsecoomb campus, six years since the first time I asked them when I was even more naive about it (I was just a fresher undergraduate at that time). Guess that, again, I will still need to go all the way to Falmer and pay £2.60 bus pass just to practice my piano (I can't see how green this supposed to be). Apparently, £50.00 will give me only about 20times practice to Falmer while £50.00 to transfer the piano to Moulsecoomb will give unlimited time for me AND other students to practice. How's that?

Oh well..who say the World is a fair playground?

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