Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ben and Jerry Sundae Common Message

Since Jon has covered almost all of the Ben and Jerry's Sundae concert, I had decided to then concentrate more towards the message that was left behind this best and incredible "Five Quid Concert" I have ever attended so far.

One important thing that has left me feel enlightened when leaving the venue on the previous Sunday was the thought of them trying to raise the concern of the vast increment of carbon emission in the Earth by handing out a Ben and Jerry's ice cream tub but with a compost and seed packed inside it to every audience that leaving the venue. The tub can then be used as the first step of planting the 'tree' - the pot. Along with the time goes by, the plant can then be transferred to either a bigger pot or straight to the "outside world".

For further details, you can visit their website. Apologies for the bad quality pictures, wish I had a better camera.


Jon said...

Babe, you can use my camera. Love you!

c0y0t3 said...

Jon: sounds like a nobel offer, but slightly doubtful! ;) Anyway, thanks!