Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Two months on

A post by Kat about her moving into a new flat has suddenly reminded me about my own experience, basically just two months ago. I hope Kat will then have a "better" quality of life then on. In my circumstances, it's worth the hassle of moving, no matter how dreadful it is. So, I hope it is the same for her too.

After getting absolutely fed up with the state of my previous flat that I shared with two other dirty tenants and a landlord plus his quite moody girlfriend (see my previous post), I had decided to call it " a day", find a better flat, packed, and bugger off!

Well, it doesn't sound that easy, obviously. After viewing couple of dozens of flats, I had then discovered the "the flat". But while it was in a cold and grey March when I had decided I wanted that flat so badly and I was so desperate to bugger off from the leaky bathroom and slug-loving kitchens, I can only moved in sometime on July!

You can imagine how torturous it felt and surely you know how excited I was when the previous tenant decided to leave two days before my real moving in date! I started the official "moving in" with my first huge batch of bags and we continue almost non stop till way after midnight. Glad that people we encountered that night weren't thinking that we just finished doing some house robbery or something. Since it was raining, we even decided to sleep overnight on our "first ever furniture" which is a giant beanbag.

Apparently, we need four solid days to move all the stuff I had, accompanied by continuous argument with Jon who plead and grunt on me to throw some or all of my magazines, clothings, shoes and books away. Four solid days of moving, and that's after the uncounted trip to Oxfam to donate as many clothings and books as I can. Don't know where all the rubbish were from.. (*scratching my head feeling confused*).

It's two months on now, and.. am still happy as a bunny in my new flat! but, ups, I still haven't given back the keys of my old flat. I better do so soon. Just haven't got the time yet. I wonder how my ex landlords getting on now, he hasn't been keeping in touch lately as it seems that he's got a bit of personal problems himself. Hope he's allright.

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