Thursday, September 29, 2005

Unusual Night

I thought it seems a bit unusual when I saw a police van, two police escorts with their motorbikes, a journalist and three expensive cars right across the road from my flat. All of them gathering just right in front of the Brighton Trades and Labour Club.

Hmmm.... I wonder who the person might be under the "limelight" tonight ?!, I thought to myself. I came up with not-so-interesting guess that it might be Tony Blair, based on the reaction of how the tenant on the flat above the Brighton Trades and Labour Club keep looking down at the entrance with his video camera and that it's on the Labour club. Why he bother to take a video of him, well I have no clue.

Sure enough, just few seconds after that, the police stopped the crowded and packed two way Lewes Road and out a man stroll from the Labour club. He walk to the middle of the road, paused there smiling and posing for the camera. From the "sparkling white smile" even babies will know that it's Tony Blair, and off he went to his flashy car accompanied few seconds later by Cherie Blair . All lasted in just 5 minutes though and us the local residence has then been given our normality back.

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