Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You are under eighteen!! No?!

This time round, I had experienced the most enjoyable yet annoying weekend ever in the past few years. Having been starting my weekend by being racistly abused by one particular evil National Express coach driver, I had then tried to enjoy myself and releasing the bad omen by seeing the play of The Producer (which is a real excellent play! fully recommended!) on that very Friday night and proceeding to watch Howl's Moving Castle (with a very bad sound effects made by a noisy hyperactive little girl who ran around and throwing foods in front of the cinema screen and whom, I presumed, might be high on sugar intake or something) on Saturday matine. For the Howl's Moving Castle, I will rate it 8/10. Spirited Away -as my Miyazaki's favourite movie- still the highest point so far at 9.5/10. However, maybe, if I concentrate more without any disturbance from the "sound effect", I might come up with 9/10. So, I was all pretty jolly good at that stage (okie, apart from the hyperactive sugar kid).

I didn't see it coming, therefore, when the bad omen creep up again on Sunday afternoon in Safeway, Ealing, when we were there to buy some booze for my friend's birthday do. Jon and I was just queueing like any other good normal citizen on one of the safeway till and didn't see it coming when the till staff ask us the very question " Can I see your ID, please?"

Gobsmacked but quickly gain our composure, we explain to him politely for the second time (yes, other till staff on the same Safeway branch has asked us the same question at different occasion, and worst of all, it was for a multivitamin drink!) that all we have is credit cards, debit cards, NUS cards and library cards. At least the NUS cards will state that we ARE over eighteen. But, nope, he insist that we must have something stating our date of birth. Not even my NUS and library cards which stated clearly that I am a PhD student did manage to convince him of our age (and no, am not a genius -otherwise am already in the Guinness Book of Records- so, of course, am over 18).

In a certain circumstances, I will feel very lucky and chuffed to hear that someone ask for my ID, but surely 23-24years old wouldn't be easily mistaken with under 18?! Otherwise, I shall go and apply for Cho Chang role for the next Harry Potter movie, that would be brilliant! (*sarcastic smirk*).

Jon, started to feel annoyed with the whole thing decided to take the matter further by asking another customer queueing just right behind us: "Do I look eighteen?!" he said.

The gentlemen, obviously understand how outrageous the whole situation was, said to the very till staff: "Yeah! come on, man! Stop wasting time and messing around! They certainly are over eighteen!!"

The mentioned till staff, feeling really embarassed at this stage, has, however, still insisted in calling the manager, but even after we were being "clarified" by the manager, another problem arise,

"The price of this beer isn't registered on the database, I need to call the manager again!" he said.

We left that very second decided to just get the drinks somewhere else, leaving the till staff speechless.


Kat said...

lol.. poor thing. I had the same problem at Tesco before. I have all my cards with me but none of them has my date of birth on it. Talk about being anal.

biogrrl said...

same problem here in Canada. also a grad student. got carded in Calgary where the legal age is 18. even the teenagers seem to have trouble with it. there are worse insults to have, though...